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After The Offer



Once both you and the seller agree to all of the terms of the contract in writing, you have a ratified contract, and you are ready to move into the next phase of the process!


Due Diligence and Inspections

Making an offer is only the first step in the home-buying process. Between the offer and closing, you will need assistance with inspectors, lenders and attorneys. We will be by your side and guide you throughout every step of that process. The due diligence period ensures that you have a specified time span to have the home professionally inspected. Most likely, you will require a general home inspector, a termite inspector, and a heating and air inspector. Your agent will help you negotiate inspection-related findings with the other party, typically to a satisfactory resolution. Once you and the seller agree that the terms of the contract, including due diligence, have been finalized, your next job is to ensure that your loan officer (if applicable) has all necessary paperwork.