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5 Best Places to Live in South Carolina, According to Real Estate Experts

“I see where the live-oak is growing—I see where the
yellow-pine, the scented bay-tree, the lemon and
orange, the cypress, the graceful palmetto”

Longings for Home, Robert Frost on South Carolina

Imagine this: you, walking through the threshold of your very own home, nestled in one of the most breathtaking corners of South Carolina. We’re not discussing just any space; we’re talking about a cozy haven to call your very own. Whether you’re curating a snug reading nook or whipping up culinary masterpieces, the potential is as limitless as the horizon.

So, dear future property purchasers and all-around home conquerors, brace yourselves for this exhilarating ride. It’s not just about finding a place; it’s about discovering your haven, your sanctuary, and maybe even your favorite spot to bask in the palm state’s sun-soaked glory. Welcome to the world of house keys and happiness in one of the most captivating places to live—South Carolina!

Now, let’s embark on the exciting adventure of finding your new home in the best cities of South Carolina! Our skilled team of real estate agents, serving both Columbia and Edisto, is here to provide expert assistance every step of the way. With their guidance, you’ll quickly become a savvy homeowner, confidently navigating the intricacies of the process. Your journey towards mastering the art of homeownership is destined to be both fulfilling and rewarding!


Experience the epitome of Southern charm and urban sophistication by calling Columbia home. This dynamic city seamlessly weaves its rich historical heritage with a forward-thinking spirit, offering a unique and vibrant living experience. From the enchanting, tree-lined streets of its historic districts to the lively ambiance of its downtown scene, Columbia caters to all interests. Explore the renowned Soda City Market, where local artisans showcase their creations, creating a lively and diverse atmosphere that truly embodies the heart of the city.


Discover the delightful culinary scene with a plethora of exceptional dining options that delight the senses at every turn. From cozy neighborhood cafes serving up comforting Southern classics to upscale bistros pushing the boundaries of culinary artistry, Columbia’s restaurants offer an exquisite array of flavors, each dish crafted with care and passion. Explore the inviting downtown with its local shops, friendly atmosphere, and charming bakeries and restaurants like Small Sugar and Bourbon.

With top-tier education, a diverse and tight-knit community, and a strong sense of civic pride, Columbia’s population of 137,541 residents and a median home price of $318,182 reflect a vibrant and accessible real estate market. One of the prominent real estate firms in Columbia is led by Jill Moylan, a local expert who elevates your home search with a wealth of knowledge and specialized expertise.

Consider the enticing lifestyle here, where you’ll find the Soda City Market, great dining, family friendly breweries, and a community that values well-being and growth. Columbia beckons you to redefine your living experience, where tradition and progress unite to create an extraordinary, thriving lifestyle that extends far beyond its picturesque streets.



Unveiling the serene beauty and coastal allure of Edisto Island, South Carolina—a hidden gem where each day unfurls as a cherished vacation. This picturesque town embraces a laid-back coastal lifestyle, offering pristine beaches and lush natural landscapes that weave an enchanting haven for rejuvenation. From the moment toes touch the sandy shores to leisurely strolls along quaint streets adorned with South Carolina’s whimsical oak trees, Edisto offers an unmatched living experience. Engulf yourself in the vibrant coastal culture, where fishing, boating, and endless outdoor pursuits await. The rhythm of tides becomes a soothing symphony, accompanied by the embrace of saltwater scent. More than a mere town, Edisto thrives as a close-knit community, where neighbors evolve into friends and traditions are revered. Warm hospitality is woven into the town’s fabric, an atmosphere that wholeheartedly invites you to belong.

“Edisto Island emanates an extraordinary ‘back in time’ ambiance, where the natural environment takes center stage. Nestled within the heart of the ACE Basin, the largest protected natural reserve on the east coast, Edisto boasts shell-strewn beaches, expansive waterfronts, pristine rivers, and seemingly endless marshes. This idyllic setting beckons you to escape the modern world’s turmoil and rediscover rejuvenation in ways you never imagined possible,” says longtime Edisto real estate agent and homeowner Jill Moylan.

If your dreams are painted with Edisto as your forever abode, your journey commences alongside Jill Moylan, a trusted and seasoned real estate virtuoso within the region. With her profound local insights and unwavering commitment, Jill Moylan stands as your ally in unearthing that flawless property which resonates with your heart. Whether your vision unfolds as a snug beachfront cottage boasting ocean panoramas, or an exquisite hidden gem cocooned within verdant surroundings, Jill Moylan will expertly shepherd you through every phase, fostering your confidence at each step.

Embrace the enchantment of Edisto Island, where coastal living’s elegance converges with the warmth of a tightly knit community. Allow Jill Moylan to be your companion in discovering the quintessential property to christen as home. Permit Edisto’s allure to ensnare your heart, while the community’s embrace welcomes you with open arms.



Nestled on the southeastern coast of the United States, Charleston, South Carolina, is a city that effortlessly weaves together historic charm, vibrant culture, and breathtaking coastal beauty. With a population of 151,612, this thriving metropolis offers a warm and diverse community, akin to the comforting flavors of shrimp and grits that greet you on arrival. As you stroll through the enchanting cobblestone streets, you can’t help but be entranced by the timeless antebellum architecture that graces the skyline.

“It’s no surprise that Charleston, year after year, is voted one of the top cities in the US,” as Tyler Davidson aptly puts it. The city’s historic charm, meticulously preserved architecture, and its proximity to pristine beaches have made it a perennial favorite. Beyond its physical beauty, Charleston boasts a renowned culinary scene that beckons you to savor local delights like She-crab soup. And as you soak in the awe-inspiring sunsets over the harbor, you’ll find yourself transported back in time at the historic Battery, where the past gracefully coexists with the present.

Venture further along King Street, home to charming boutique shops offering a glimpse of Southern elegance. Whether you’re in search of a cozy historic home steeped in tradition or a modern urban retreat, Charleston’s real estate market, with a median home price of $527,000, presents a plethora of possibilities. This vibrant real estate scene is expertly navigated by local pro Jill Moylan, who understands that the city promises a Southern lifestyle as delightful and flavorful as a plate of authentic Lowcountry cuisine, truly making it an ideal place to call home.


Greenville, South Carolina, is an inviting blend of vibrant city life, picturesque natural beauty, and community charm, enticing potential home-buyers seeking an exceptional living experience. From its bustling downtown scene with thriving cultural events to the breathtaking backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville welcomes you like a comforting bowl of Southern barbecue, offering a diverse and tight-knit community. As you explore the unique shops and eateries lining the historic Main Street, you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped into a quintessential slice of Main Street USA. Meanwhile, the soothing presence of Falls Park on the Reedy River creates an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

“It’s no wonder,” as Nick Carlson, Vice President of Greenville’s Wilson Associates brokerage group aptly puts it, “that Greenville has everything you could want.” The downtown area, complete with a cascading waterfall at its heart, is a picturesque representation of small-town charm meeting modern vibrancy. The parks system, notably the Swamp Rabbit Trail, promotes a focus on health and wellness, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The local economy is truly global, reflecting not only diversity in industry but also a rich tapestry of ideas and cultures that define the city. “You’ll fall in love with Greenville,” he concludes, echoing the sentiment of many who have made this city their home.

Beyond the city limits, the region’s abundant natural beauty provides an array of outdoor activities – whether you prefer to hike scenic trails, kayak down the winding rivers, or cycle through the picturesque countryside. As you embark on your journey to find your dream home, consider partnering with Home Advantage Realty, a trusted real estate company that intimately understands the unique charm of Greenville and the opportunities it offers. Let their expertise guide you through the real estate market, helping you create a life that beautifully combines the pleasures of city living with the refreshing embrace of nature, much like savoring a plate of Southern comfort food on a sunlit patio. Greenville truly offers a living experience like no other.

Lexington (Lake Murray)

Calling all lake enthusiasts and water lovers! Get ready to fall in love with Lexington, South Carolina, where the stunning beauty of Lake Murray creates the backdrop for an extraordinary living experience. Lexington, South Carolina, offers a captivating blend of small-town charm, natural beauty, and a great public school system, making it an ideal destination for potential homebuyers seeking a wholesome and rewarding living experience. Situated in the heart of the picturesque Midlands and bordered by the stunning shores of Lake Murray, Lexington warmly embraces you like a comforting home-cooked Southern meal.

“Lexington is a small, charming little town,” as Tony Timmerman, Broker in Charge of the Chapin office, aptly describes it. Only five to ten minutes from Main Street, the town offers the feeling of a serene country escape while still being conveniently close to downtown. The Icehouse Amphitheater in the heart of Lexington provides plenty of free entertainment for residents to enjoy. Furthermore, the town is renowned for its exceptional schools, ensuring a high-quality education for families.

As you explore the inviting downtown with its local shops and friendly atmosphere, you’ll quickly realize that Lexington embodies the essence of community. And when you’re ready to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lake Murray, you’ll discover that this vast body of water is a haven for boating, fishing, and lakeside enjoyment. Whether you’re into swimming, boating, tubing, skiing, or fishing, the lake offers an array of options to cater to every aquatic interest.

Locals of Lexington enjoy the region’s scenic beauty and how it provides a perfect backdrop for a range of outdoor activities, from hiking in nearby state parks to leisurely picnics by the lake. With a favorable climate that allows residents to indulge in outdoor activities throughout the year, Lexington truly is a paradise for those who love spending time outdoors.

When embarking on your home search, consider partnering with Home Advantage Realty, led by Jill Moylan, a respected and experienced realtor in Columbia, SC. Home Advantage Realty understands the unique allure of Lexington and its surroundings, including the charm of the lake and the excellence of the local schools. Allow them to navigate the real estate market, ensuring you find a home that harmoniously blends the comfort of a tight-knit community with the natural splendor of Lake Murray, much like savoring your favorite Southern comfort food while basking in the lake’s breathtaking sunset.

Interested in exploring more?  Look no further than Home Advantage Realty–whether you’re captivated by the coastal charm of real estate in Edisto or the vibrant offerings of real estate in Columbia, Jill Moylan is your go-to real estate expert who understands the unique allure of both these wonderful places. With her extensive local expertise, dedication, and a deep commitment to helping you find the perfect property, she is the partner you need for a successful and satisfying home-buying journey in one of the best cities. Let Jill Moylan guide you through the exciting real estate markets of Columbia and Edisto, ensuring you experience the finest in South Carolina living. Embrace the possibilities, unlock the doors to your new home, and trust in Jill Moylan to be your beacon in the world of real estate, creating a path to your Southern dream that’s as smooth and rewarding as it can be.


Best Places to Live in South Carolina:

We will go over some quick facts about the best places to live in SC. We will also go over some quick facts about the best places to live in other states. According to travel and leisure, the best place to live in South Carolina is Columbia. Greenville is a close second and followed behind Charleston. We will discuss facts about these three cities below.

Learn more about Columbia, South Carolina:

As you’d find on a map, Columbia is very spread out, but everything in the city is actually close by! Columbia is sought after for its central location in the state of South Carolina. Locals enjoy a two-hour drive to the beach, one one-hour drive to Rock Hill, and two-hour drive to the mountains. In a quick two-hour drive to the coast, you will arrive at Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach (Charleston), Sullivan’s Island (Charleston), Isle of Palms (Charleston), Pawley’s Island (Georgetown), Litchfield Beach (Georgetown), and many others. Rock Hill will take you towards the hot and bustling city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Columbia also attracts people due to nearby collegiate campuses that include the University of South Carolina, Benedict College, Allen University, Columbia College, University of South Carolina School of Law, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, and Midlands Technical College.

The average household income per year for Columbia is $79,637 and the median household income is $48,791. As of 2023, the average home sales price is $221,883. This is below the national average of $513,000. On average, a house for sale goes under contract in about six days. The average sales price is up 3.7% from one year ago.

West Columbia is just across the bridge from Downtown Columbia. The average home sales price for West Columbia is $210,943. This is almost a 5% increase from one year ago. The population of West Columbia is 17,466 as of 2021.

Learn more about Edisto Beach and Edisto Island, SC:

As of 2021, the population of Edisto Island, SC was 1,468. Locals enjoy Edingsville Grocery Restaurant and Kings Farm Market. They also enjoy a restaurant in Meggett, SC called Roxbury Mercantile. Meggett, SC is a short drive from the Island. The average household income for Edisto Island is $107,272 and the median household income is $61,507. The median home price was $650,000. Edisto Island is around 15 minutes from Edisto Beach.

As of 2021, the population of Edisto Beach, South Carolina was 1,027. Locals enjoy SeaCow Eatery, Ella & Ollie’s, McConkey’s Jungle Shack, and the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday at Bay Creek Park. The average household income per year is $119,617 and the median household income is $71,667. The average sales price as of September 2023 is $508,000 which is a 3.6% increase 2022.  This is below the national average of $513,000. Edisto Beach is a part of Colleton County.

Edisto is a three-hour drive from Myrtle Beach. Edisto is an hour drive from Folly Beach. Another popular beach outside of Myrtle Beach is Garden City Beach.


Learn more about Real Estate in Charleston, SC:

Wanting a more suburbia feel outside of downtown Charleston? Summerville is a city located in Berkeley County, Charleston County, and Dorchester County. It is a fast-growing city with a population of 51,631 as of 2023. The average household income per year for Summerville is $86,125 and the median household income is $64,507. The average home sales price is $369,779. On average, a house for sale goes under contract in 13 days. Residents enjoy a short commute to the greater Charleston areas and coastal communities.

The average household income per year is $111,903 and the median household income sits around $76,556. The median home price as of September 2023 is $569,000. There is a 19% increase year after year in the median home price in Charleston, SC. The average home sales price is $525,534 which is a 4% increase from 2022. This is above the national average of $513,000.

Charleston is a two-hour drive from Myrtle Beach. Locals also enjoy an hour drive to Litchfield Beach which is South of Myrtle Beach. Another popular beach in Charleston is Folly Beach.


Learn more about the town of Lexington, SC:

As of 2020, the census population for Lexington was 293,991 and the estimated population for 2022 was 304,797. The average household income per year is $90,602 and the median household income is $65,623. The average home sales price is $289,851. This is below the national average of $513,000. The median home price is $311,000. A house for sale, on average, goes under contract in seven days.

Lexington has numerous options for work that include Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Amazon, Lexington Medical Center, Michelin, and Lexington County School Districts. This is the town for you!

Nearby towns to Lexington that are also situated along Lake Murray include Gilbert and Chapin. The average home sales price for Gilbert is $317,158. The average home sales price for Chapin is $434,262. These sales prices are both below the national average of $513,000. The population of Gilbert is 590 as of 2021. The population of Chapin is 1,841 as of 2021.

Lexington is two and a half hours from a popular beach on the coast. Myrtle Beach is a great option. Another option for a great beach is Pawley’s Island and Garden City Beach, both are South of Myrtle Beach.


Learn more about Greenville, SC:

Greenville is one of the largest cities in South Carolina. It has a metropolitan population of 928,195 people. The city is close to Clemson University, Furman University, Bob Jones University, North Greenville University, Southern Wesleyan University, and Greenville Technical College.

The average household income per year for Greenville is $101,490 and the median household income is $60,388. As of 2023, the average home sales price is $296,463. This is below the national average of $513,000. A house for sale usually goes under contract in seven days, on average. The median home price is $413,000.

Greenville is four hours from Folly Beach and four hours from Myrtle Beach. Another great beach that is north of Folly Beach is Sullivan’s Island.


South Carolina Activities:

Locals of South Carolina enjoy SC football, SC women’s basketball, and SC baseball. They also enjoy South Carolina State Parks, South Carolina lakes, South Carolina beaches, and all the beauty the state of South Carolina has to offer.




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Top place for a home:

The best places to live in North Carolina are Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte. People living in North Carolina enjoy large cities and enjoy living in the capital of Raleigh. Another great place to live in NC is Greensboro.

The best places to live in Georgia are Alpharetta, Canton, and Athens. People living in Georgia enjoy a great UGA football team and professional sports close by that include the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Braves. Another great place to live in GA is Marietta.

The best places to live in Virginia are Arlington and Richmond. People living in Arlington, VA enjoy being in the suburbs while living on the outskirts of Washington DC. Another great place to live in VA is Charlottesville.

The best places to live in Tennessee are Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. People living in Tennessee enjoy nature and living near the Great Smoky Mountains. The median home price in Nashville is $450,000 which is below the national average home price. Another great place to live in TN is Franklin.

The best places to live in Florida are Tampa, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. People living in Florida enjoy warm climates, diverse attractions, and many beautiful beaches. Another great place to live in FL is Sarasota.

The best places to live in Alabama are Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery. People living in Alabama enjoy southern hospitality, rich history, and low cost of living. The median gross income for Birmingham is right at $39,403. The average home sales price in Alabama is $223,075 which is less than the Carolina average.

The best places to live in Texas are Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth. People living in Texas enjoy endless work opportunities and many diverse cities. It is a popular destination for young professionals. Another great place to live in TX is Houston.

The best places to live in Kentucky are Louisville and Bowling Green. People living in Kentucky enjoy beautiful nature, horse racing, and bourbon. Another great place to live in KY is Lexington.

The best places to live in Pennsylvania are Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Lancaster. People enjoy living in Pennsylvania for a big city yet small town charm.

The best places to live in New York are Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester.  People enjoy living in New York for its rich history, diverse culture and attractions, and reliable transportation. Another great place to live in New York is Buffalo.