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Meet Pat Wilson! A Chapin resident of nearly 50 years, Pat raised her two children and also operated a retail and resale clothing store, Fashion Exchange, for 29 years. In addition, Pat served in both church and civic organizations. For 18 years, Pat has provided real estate services in Chapin, Lake Murray, Lexington, and Columbia. Pat says, “whether a buyer or seller, I’m here to move you!”


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  • 1656 Dreher Island Road, Chapin $20,500

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Agent Pat Wilson is, in my opinion, the best real estate agent around! Pat helped me sell the property I owned, locate a new home and get myself moved to my new home. The best part about this relationship is Pat listens to what you want for life in total, not just a residence. Communication was, as it is in everything, the key to success. We sat down and discussed my 21+ acres and aging home, the different ways we could divide it, pricing, what I wanted the sales agreement to contain, etc. After listing my property, we had quite a few people expressing interest in purchasing my home of many years. Pat and I always discussed my options, keeping my goals in mind. When the offer came in that I eventually accepted, Pat did not pressure me one way or the other. I requested a 60 day window to vacate my property since I had spent most of my adult life there, I had a bunch of stuff. Buying is a lot different from selling. Where do I want to be, what do I want, what is my end goal? That last question was at the center at any of the places we visited. Will this house let me arrive where I want to be when all is said and done. We went here, yonder and everywhere in search of my perfect home. The woman has more energy than that pink Energizer bunny. We saw lots of houses with varying degrees of what I was looking for, but we always kept on mind my end goal. I didn't realize it at the time, but those visits were helping me develop a picture of what I wanted in a home. On a Friday, another agent posted a house for sale that had possibilities. Pat was showing it to me before 10 the next morning, prior to looking at other houses we had appointments to see. By 4 that afternoon, we wrote up my offer on that house and by the following Monday, the offer was accepted by the seller. Two days later the home inspection was being done and the next day, there was someone at the house to look at and give estimates to resolve issues identified by the home inspection. While Pat was working with me, she was being contacted by other agents on other properties, workers dealing with issues for other clients and properties along with her own friends and family activities, but I always felt she was focused on taking care of me. My mind can barely handle what I have going on, but adding similar issues with multiple other families, needless to say, I was amazed. And she always seemed to be happy and really enjoying what she was doing. That made my experience even more pleasant. Don't kid yourself, this kind of life change can be extremely stressful and Pat did her best to keep that stress to a minimum. Over all, the experience was positive and if asked to recommend an agent to someone looking to buy or sell a property, my recommendation would definitely be Pat Wilson!


We would like to take this opportunity to express our over the top satisfaction in every aspect that you provided to the sale of our home. When it comes to professional service you truly shine. Other clients that sought your representation of their property agree, satisfaction, integrity and honesty in today's market is hard to come by. We will continue to recommend your services to our dear friends.

- Darrell and Cindy

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